Child and the CHILD Within

How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success

In Child and the CHILD Within, Gulnara Omar shares inspiring case studies based on real people she has worked with in her coaching/hypnotherapy practice. All were able to resolve their financial issues by reprogramming their money-related negative childhood memories. These powerful examples show how traumatic childhood programming causes financial stagnation in people regardless of their backgrounds and socio-economic status. 

This book will help you understand the root of your money issues and develop a stronger connection with your INNER CHILD. It will empower you to effectively solve financial challenges, move to a new level of success, and open yourself to the flow of financial abundance and a prosperous life. Once you resolve your own INNER CHILD’s money issues, you will also be able to help your own child develop a strong and healthy relationship with money.

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About the Author

Gulnara Omar is a renowned author, speaker, international coach, and hypnotherapist. Her work in the field of human empowerment has helped thousands of her clients transform subconscious limiting beliefs to achieve all that they desire in life. Gulnara’s passion for helping others and her talent for storytelling allow her to send an inspiring message out into the world “You Have the Power to Actualize Your Dreams When You Reconnect With and Empower Your INNER CHILD.”

 Message from Author: Why I Decided to Write

Growing up in a household of teachers, newspaper editors, librarians and journalists, I was exposed to the fascinating world of literature, journalism, and writing since I was little. As a very first granddaughter to my grandfather Adylbai, who was one of the most progressive journalists and writers of his time in Kazakhstan, I was privileged to travel with him to remote areas where he interviewed people and wrote his progressive articles. Sometimes I wonder if he were still alive, what he would say about my intentions and actions to help others through creating motivational stories and quotes, and sharing my writing with the world.

Today, I feel blessed because I can finally combine my life’s wisdom, extensive practical work experience, my childhood passions for psychology and writing, and my academic knowledge in the field of the mind and the unconscious with my wonderful readers.

Sharing my less than “perfect” writing was a terrifying thought, but I decided to do it anyway. My stories were influenced by who I was at the moment of writing. I share my reflection about my clients’ experiences, pain, and victories, about various psychological issues and solutions that I found instrumental during my coaching/counselling work with clients. Even if my stories are imperfect, they do reflect my authentic experience and my view on the real lives of real people, who rose above unthinkable challenges and came out as winners!

With Love, Gulnara

Child and the CHILD Within

How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success

Chapter 1

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for healing your INNER CHILD. In chapter 1, Gulnara Omar details the lessons you will begin to learn throughout the book, as you embark on your journey to success and financial freedom.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 provides an insightful example in Nick’s story. Omar shares how her work helped him to uncover why, even though he had a successful career, he was unable to save enough money to own his own property.

Chapter 3

Your relationship with money, especially debt, is informed by memories created long before you even remember. Chapter 3 demonstrates how hypnotherapy can uncover the Initial Sensitizing Event, that helped to establish that relationship. Knowing why your relationship is the way it is the first step to changing it.

Chapter 4

Guilt can provide a strong barrier to financial abundance and success. Chapter 4 shares a very powerful story of triumph over guilt through reframing thought patterns. When guilt is released you give yourself permission to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Chapter 5

Self-Sabotaging behaviors are sneaky. They hide themselves in ways that don’t allow us to see what they are doing until it is too late. In this chapter, Gulnara shares an impactful journey her client embarked on to embrace all that he wanted and could achieve in his life.

Chapter 6

Often when you think you are blocked in one area of your life, it is actually your INNER CHILD’s relationship with money that is causing the blockage. Read the story of Maryam, a successful career woman, who came to Gulnara initially to understand why she was having trouble in her love life, only to find the cause of issue was not what she thought.

Chapter 7

One of the most common causes of marital arguments and overall decline is money. Why? Because marriage is like a magnifying glass that allows you and your partner to see the deeply ingrained beliefs you have about money. Read how one couple was able to regain a loving relationship in a marriage they had almost given up on by understanding each other’s as well as their own relationship with money.

Chapter 8

When your INNER CHILD remains unhealed, it will often react by placing the same unhealthy standards on your children as you’ve played on yourself. Chapter 8 is all about how you need to reconnect with and heal your INNER CHILD, so that you can help your children maintain a healthy INNER CHILD.

Chapter 9

Surround yourself with the people who inspire you to go for your big dreams. In chapter 9, Gulnara shares how she overcame her fear of writing a book with the help of one of her mentors, Raymond Aaron.

Chapter 10

Gulnara pulls together everything you have learned throughout her book into one powerful chapter by using that knowledge to answer 11 questions. In this final chapter you will see how hypnotherapy can help you reconnect with and heal your INNER CHILD to create financial freedom and success in your life today.

Child and the CHILD Within

How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success

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