In Child and the CHILD Within, Gulnara Omar shares inspiring case studies based on real people she has worked with in her coaching/hypnotherapy practice. All were able to resolve their financial issues by reprogramming their money-related negative childhood memories. These powerful examples show how traumatic childhood programming causes financial stagnation in people regardless of their backgrounds and socio-economic status. 

This book will help you understand the root of your money issues and develop a stronger connection with your INNER CHILD. It will empower you to effectively solve financial challenges, move to a new level of success, and open yourself to the flow of financial abundance and a prosperous life. Once you resolve your own INNER CHILD’s money issues, you will also be able to help your own child develop a strong and healthy relationship with money.

“Child and the Child Within” demystifies the practice of hypnotherapy, convincingly re-shaping it as an integral component of growth, healing, and transformation. Gulnara Omar blends a studious series of lessons for re-wiring how the brain perceives childhood trauma with compelling storytelling to demonstrate how the techniques she describes have led to success for her clients. Financial fulfillment, self-healing, and emotional contentment are all made more attainable through hypnotherapy and the guidance Omar sets out for her readers. The book makes a strong case for hypnotherapy as a practical tool for improving mental health, which makes it a valuable read for so many.”

- Adrian Brijbassi, author and journalist

“If you are looking for a financial breakthrough, then is the book for you! The concepts, so clearly described by Gulnara Omar, are easily applicable to people from varied walks of life and experiences. I embarked upon a journey with my inner child, experienced life-changing insights, and was able to address past experiences that served as stumbling blocks in my journey towards financial freedom. I highly recommend this book! “

- Reem Al Falasi, Emergency Medicine physician

Child and the CHILD Within

How to Transform Subconscious Money Blocks From Childhood into Sustainable Financial Success

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